It is done! After more than a year of songwriting we finally completed the recordings for the new EP “Narcissus Rising (a metamorphosis in three acts)”. These songs have been accomplished in cooperation with H.V Lyngdal (Wormlust, Martröð).
The drums are performed by T.L (Irdorath, Groteskh), who supported us in finalizing the material.
The thematical concept revolves around Narcissus, a figure from Greek mythology. Having been conceived by the water nymph Leirope after her rape by the river god Kephissos, Narcissus grew up to be known for his beauty, but rejected each single one of his admirers, male and female. After being cursed by Nemesis, he fell in love with his own reflection in the river, without ever realizing it had been himself, thus condemned to die in eternal unfulfilled longing. Human self-obsession, the elevation of physical appearance and public perception as raison-d’être are deceitful powers that can lead those who suffer from them into misery and chaos. Narcissus thus rises again in the shape of this new material, being a reflection of men’s vanity and the inevitable descendance into the abyss.
The final release of the EP is scheduled for autumn 2019 and will be published by ATMF records as limited digipack, digital download and limited LP. Of course, we will honour our new release with several live ceremonies in Europe and still have a few free slots. You can contact us for booking requests via exit-music@gmx.at or pm.
God is dead and man died with him, it all begins and ends in chaos. The negative Bias 2019.


Only when deepest darkness falls upon the earth, man will know how far he has fallen from grace.

8/10 Giornalemetal
8/10 Necromance
9/10 Metal.de
8/10 Metaltrenches
9/10 burnyourears
4.5/5 Stormbringer
4/5 Angrymetalguy
8.5/10 Avenoctum

8/10 Metalpurgatorymedia
86/100 Metalreviews
9/10 Metalforever
4.5/5 Theindependetvoice
9/10 Myrrthronth
6/7 Earshot
9/10 Metal Temple
8/10 Deadrhetoric



​ I.F.S - Vocals, Lyrics, Concept
S.T - Strings and Effects
Florian Musil - Studio Drums
Athtarion - Bass
Slavetrader - Drums

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